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March 12, 2006

PGO #5: Weather & Acts Of Nature

In this episode, I'll talk about some of my experiences with weather conditions and acts of nature - everything from earthquakes to hurricanes to clouds of icky bugs.

Click Here To Download: Episode #5: Weather & Acts Of Nature.

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Segment: Weather & Acts Of Nature

It's always fun to login to this website after you've felt an earthquake and fill out the form, and then find out how strong the quake was and where its epicenter was. Report An Earthquake: USGS Earthquake Hazards Program: Did You Feel It? Form

Housekeeping Stuffage

Please check out the Frappr map to see where listeners live and fill out the two polls on podcast audio vs. video and podcast length, to help make this podcast better than ever.

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Our Second Poll: Listener Content Preferences

Our second poll on listener preferences showed that people liked video over audio, barely.

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