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July 12, 2005

Preposterous Pet Pal Passions

IMG_0005.jpgPeople are always asking us if we're going to include our pet rabbits in our wedding ceremony. The answer is unequivocally No. They'd hate it and we're not that cruel.

What is it about our furry little friends that inspires us to perform silly and foolish cutesy acts? We've seen everything from yappy little dogs in sweaters to chimps in diapers. We've laughed at owners that resemble their pets, seen the TV commericals that target the pets watching with their owners and heard about the pet spas and resorts popping up.

People will spend money on anything!

Pets are big business. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), more than 63% of U.S. households own a pet - there are more pets(360M - MSNBC) in the United States than there are people(296M - CIA Factbook). The APPPMA estimates that that Americans will spend about $36 billion dollars on their furry little friends this year, splurging on everything from vet visits and gourmet vittles to specially formulated pet vitamins, salon products and designer fashions.

"My dog has a carrier, and it happens to be a Louis Vuitton. Does he know it's Louis Vuitton? No. But I definitely do."

More at: MSNBC.com: Treating our pets like people

Cattle Wedding A 'Mooving' Spectacle

Thai Farmer Wangboon has taken things a bit further. Last weekend he escourted his beloved Thong Khaow down the aisle in a gigantic wedding ceremony with more than 2,000 guests. Thong Khaow, whose name means "white gold", was resplendent in a bright orange garland of jasmine flowers that set off her lovely pale complexion.

Thong Khaow and her new mate, Thong Kham, a pair of rare dwarf Brahman cattle, were married Sunday morning in a traditional Thai ceremony featuring a banquet for more than 2,000 human guests in central Sa Kaew province.

The animals wore silk outfits and jasmine garlands. Other beasts, including goats, also attended the wedding.

More at: Cattle Wed in 2,000-Guest Thai Ceremony

Well, you have to admit, they are really cute. I suppose they were glad not to be served at the banquet, though. Our rabbits would feel the same way, and probably eat those garlands.

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